The Nutritional Benefits of Bison Liver Supplements

The Nutritional Benefits of Bison Liver Supplements

Bison liver is a great source of Vitamin A, Iron, Thiamin and Phosphorus. This meat is high in protein and It's also a very good source of niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and folate. With all these benefits it's no wonder that bison liver has been consumed by Native Americans for thousands of years before European settlers came to North America.

In fact, bison liver has been a staple of native American indians’ diet for thousands of years. It is believed that the native Americans would consume the liver raw or cooked. They were also using this meat to alleviate constipation and pain related issues such as rheumatism by using it to brew a tea with other ingredients such as wild onion seeds and sumac leaves.

The native Americans also ate bison heart which was an important food source for providing energy during different ceremonies like marriages, funerals, naming days and sun dances.

According to native folklore bison liver was used with special diets in order to purify your body when one needed spiritual guidance from spirit helpers.

In addition to being high in Vitamin A, Iron, Phosphorus and Thiamin bison liver is also known to contain the most nutrients compared to other meats. That's because it was something that Native Americans traditionally relied on for proteins (along with bison meat). Over time people have started eating more conventional types of protein such as pork and bison which are easily accessible from supermarkets apart from wild game hunting.

bison liver supplements nutritional benefits

It is no surprise that people are now rediscovering bison liver and other native American native foods. This has resulted in more stores selling this meat as people learn about the health benefits of native American native foods such as bison liver.

In addition to consuming fresh bison liver you can also purchase bison liver supplements. These are commonly used by athletes because they provide very quick energy when consumed before sporting events without causing weight gain like carbohydrates.

Bison liver is commonly used by both men and women because it contains high amounts of nutrients such as vitamin A, B vitamins and iron. It also helps healing wounds and rheumatoid arthritis.

Today bison liver or bison meat is consumed worldwide because of its nutritional value that can help with the following:

- Increase energy in the body

- Strengthens bones and teeth

- Helps maintain healthy skin

- Helps with weight loss

- Helps prevent constipation and stomach disorders

- It is a good source of iron which prevents anemia

- Acts as a natural energy booster in your body





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