Our Story

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

Ten years ago, I became a grandfather. Within the following four years I was a grandfather 6 times over. I grew up a Citizen of the Potawatomi Nation, proud, and humble. Understanding firsthand what it truly means to when people say, “it takes a tribe to raise a child”. So, when my grandkids came to me needing a stable place to live, learn, and grow, no questions were asked. As I evaluated what my grandchildren were consuming and realized that the difficulties they were having physically and mentally were directly tied to their lack of natural unadulterated core foods that I had in my diet growing up. It was a no brainer to reintroduce myself and my family to what my ancestors had known all along. If I look back just two generations, I don’t see many of the things that plague us today: anemia, high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, psychological and mental problems, etc.
Now, the latest generation is faced with fast, easy options for food that leaves them unconnected and unfulfilled, overfilled, unhealthy, and unwell. I think back to mealtime when I was a child and my mother would pan fry liver and onions every Wednesday night. I poured over research only to be confronted with knowledge that I had known along, we are missing out on the natural vitamins and minerals organ meat provides and our bodies have evolved to require. I set out to find a consistent way to feed myself and family organ meats daily. I tried beef organ supplements, only to find that most come from end-of-life dairy cows that have been given a steady dose of hormones their entire lives. I needed to find a solution and the answer was right in front of me, American Bison!
Bison has been a staple for millennia, providing everything, the actual Life Giving Spirit. Bison require vast prairies existing in a symbiotic relationship with the natural ecology. I decided to make my own Bison organ meat supplement for my friends and family. Realizing the benefits were astounding, I decided to share the benefits of Bison liver with the world, and Life Giving Spirit Supplements was born.